19 Sep

The Conveyancing Process when Buying or Selling a Property

Written by Rebecca Leeman a Chartered Legal Executive at Spire Solicitors LLP. You have just had an offer accepted on your dream home or you have accepted a fantastic offer on your home – what now? Whether you are selling or buying a property it is important to understand how the conveyancing process works.  … Read More »

15 Sep

Good practice vital for employers in managing tribunal claims

In July, the Supreme Court ruled that employment tribunal claim fees were unlawful, and now it’s been confirmed that an ex-employee has been granted an extension of time to pursue their out-of-date unfair dismissal claim, on the basis that the original action was dropped due to the fees. In giving the go-ahead for an extension… Read More »

23 Aug

Where there’s a will, there’s a way

When thinking of making a will, the idea of a Victorian lawyer taking down the last instructions at the bedside still springs to mind for many people.  And the 19th century lawyer would find things pretty much as they were if they time travelled to 2017, but a major change to how people can say… Read More »

10 Aug

Gender pay likely to stay in the spotlight

The BBC found itself in a media storm last month, following the publication of salaries paid to its highest-earning stars, which revealed that only one-third of its 96 top earners were women, and the top seven were all men. Since then, staff at the Financial Times have threatened to strike over the paper’s reported 13… Read More »

08 Aug

Japanese Knotweed

David Percival, a property lawyer at Spire Solicitors LLP, discusses the problems associated with Japanese Knotweed when buying or selling a home. Whether selling or buying a home, one of the greatest potential problem may be a plant growing in the garden. What is Japanese Knotweed? Japanese Knotweed is native to East Asia and was… Read More »

31 Jul

Buying a property at auction

Written by Marion Oliver, a Conveyancing Executive at our Aylsham office.  There is a common misunderstanding that properties sold at auction are either repossessed or properties with problems.  However, this is not the case in today’s market.   In fact auctions are becoming more popular for a variety of reasons one of those being the speed… Read More »

31 Jul

Getting it right to grow the spirit of enterprise

Enthusiasm for small enterprise is seeing increasing numbers trying to make it as entrepreneurs and inventors, whether alongside the day job, bringing up children, or even school work. Recently that’s included a five-year-old girl who was selling cups of homemade lemonade to passers-by heading to a festival, but she was stopped by enforcement officers who… Read More »

27 Jun

Summer is finally here and, with Summer, brings the wedding season!

Almost 250,000 marriages take place in the UK each year.  Although living together is now a growing trend, marriage rates for those aged 65 and over have increased by 56%!  For many in this age group, they will own their own home outright and, possibly, will have built up a healthy pension pot.  For some,… Read More »

19 Jun

New deadlines for changes in company ownership

Businesses have new deadlines to comply with regulations around transparency of ownership from this month, under the so-called PSC regime.  The move is happening as part of the implementation of the EU Fourth Money Laundering Directive (4MLD) which must be implemented across the EU by 26 June 2017. Introduced last year as part of the… Read More »