Dispute Resolution

Modern living often involves arguments and quarrels. Sometimes they lead to real disputes.

In your personal life, these can be with other members of your family, friends and neighbours, tradesmen or even your landlord.
In business, it might be your customer, supplier or tenant, Public authorities or other large organisations could be the other party. Money might be the problem, or land, or goods or work.

Our experienced team of lawyers can advise you about your rights and possible remedies. They can guide you through the court process in the event that is required. They can also explain all the other options that are available for resolving the problem that do not involve the court process these include mediation or arbitration.

For small claims, we offer a range of fixed fee services, for details please click on the Small claims fixed fee services page.

Please contact us to discuss your individual case.

Dispute Resolution Testimonials

Many thanks to Jane Liddle for all her help and expertise. Worth every penny!
Mr and Mrs Turnbull, Norwich

Just to say thank you to everyone who was involved with my claim - excellent service Roslyn Leeds.
Ms Curtis, Kings Lynn

Roslyn Leeds was an exceptionally wonderful, helpful, polite, on the ball lady. A pleasure to have met her. Thank you Ros.
Ms Stanton, Wymondham