Spire Solicitors LLP Donates to The Feed, Providing 300 Packed Lunches for Children of Norwich Over Easter

Spire Solicitors LLP is proud to announce its collaboration with The Feed, on their mission which is to empower everyone in Norwich to be able to eat well, live well and feel connected. This collaboration comes in response to a recent report in EDP highlighting Norfolk and Waveney families most malnourished in UK, with alarming statistics of children going to school hungry.

In collaboration with The Feed, Spire Solicitors LLP is delighted to provide 300 packed lunches to children in Norwich over the Easter period. This initiative aims to alleviate the burden of hunger and ensure that children in our community have access to nutritious meals during the holiday season. The donation will cover the cost of providing these packed lunches from The Feed’s Community Café on Hall Road.

The Feed’s social supermarket and new community café has been instrumental in providing essential support to individuals and families in need in the current cost of living crisis and this donation from Spire Solicitors LLP will further enhance their efforts in tackling food insecurity in Norwich.

“We are incredibly grateful for the support of Spire Solicitors LLP,” said Chris Elliott, Marketing Manager at The Feed. “School holidays can be tough for parents on a tight budget. The provision of free packed lunches will make a big difference to many of the families who use our Social Supermarket and Community Café.”

This donation exemplifies Spire Solicitors LLP’s ongoing commitment to corporate social responsibility and highlights the power of collaboration in addressing pressing social issues. By working hand in hand with organisations like The Feed, Spire Solicitors LLP is dedicated to creating positive change and supporting the local community.

Kristian Tangen-Sorgendal, Head of Marketing at Spire Solicitors LLP, commented, “We are proud to collaborate with The Feed in their efforts to combat food poverty in Norwich. Ensuring that children have access to nutritious meals is essential for their health, well-being and academic success. By providing 300 packed lunches over the Easter period, we hope to contribute positively to our local community and inspire others to join us in this vital cause.”

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About The Feed

The Feed sells delicious homemade food in its cafés and catering business. The profits from these are invested in the community projects it runs in Norwich. The largest of these is on Hall Road where it supports over 5,000 local people with affordable groceries from its Social Supermarket.