Business Acquisitions

Our highly regarded and specialist Corporate Law Team have extensive experience advising clients on buying other businesses. Whether a client is contemplating an acquisition for the first time or is experienced in purchasing businesses, our dedicated team can assist and will run the process to the extent required to put the acquiring client in the driving seat.

We have experience of acting for larger corporate clients that are on an acquisition trail, assisting in creating template documents and creating a robust process to meet a client’s specific needs. This can save considerable fees in being able to adopt a reasonable starting point which we know the client is willing to accept, whilst enabling us and the client to run the process quickly and smoothly. We are also flexible and able to adapt our approach depending on the size of the transaction to ensure we are working closely with our client to balance the legal risk against the commercial desire to conclude the transaction quickly.

We have experience in carrying out detailed legal due diligence reporting which we offer as a standalone service or as part of the scope of work on the transactions we advise on. It is often better to identify any material issues prior to completion to ensure that these are taken into consideration in the legal agreements and negotiations, instead of having to rely on and enforce agreements after completion. This is where a robust due diligence process can be crucial in protecting clients. We also work closely with other professionals to carry out specific due diligence required by our clients, such as IT and cyber security and financial and tax due diligence.

Rest assured our friendly and approachable team will provide a comprehensive service, working with our other specialist teams to provide advice on related matters such as employment law and commercial property law to ensure every element of the transaction is taken care of. Additionally, we are experienced in working closely with other professionals, specifically accountants, in structuring transactions and ensuring the required advice is provided throughout the transaction.

We have created a handy infographic of the key things you need to consider when buying a business which is available here.

We also advise clients on selling their businesses and as such we understand the various considerations from both sides. This equips us to assist you with key negotiating points to achieve your ultimate commercial goals which remain at the heart of our advice.

We have experience assisting clients from a wide range of industries and have completed transactions in most sectors, including the motor industry, care homes, hospitality and leisure, franchising, accountancy and financial services, information and technology services, manufacturing, engineering, and retail.

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