Vacation Placements

Our Vacation placements last for one week and we guarantee you hands on and relevant experience from our friendly and supportive staff. You will be drafting, researching, making telephone calls and where possible, attending Client meetings and Court hearings. You will also have access to our current trainees who are more than willing to share their own experiences and answer any questions you may have.


If you are seeking a career as a solicitor, I would highly recommend applying for a work experience placement at Spire Solicitors LLP. I had a wide-ranging work experience placement where I had the opportunity to sit in five different practice areas including Private Client, Family, Property, Company and Commercial and Company and Commercial: Litigation. I was given practical, real life tasks to do including drafting letters to clients, attending client meetings and researching various legal matters. As a work experience student, you are valued and I genuinely felt like part of the team. Every individual that I spoke to at Spire Solicitors LLP was incredibly friendly, willing to answer any questions that I had and it was clear that there is a shared objective at Spire Solicitors LLP that the needs of clients are of paramount importance. If you desire a stimulating, thought-provoking work experience placement, I would highly encourage you to make an application for work experience at Spire Solicitors LLP! (Roshni Pandya Current Trainee Solicitor)

For anyone who is looking to a career as a solicitor, I cannot recommend more highly to apply for work experience at Spire Solicitors LLP. I was given worthwhile and varied tasks each day and always had some work lined up for me. Despite only being a work experience student for the week, I honestly felt like a valuable ‘addition’ to the work force and that any comments I had were critiqued and practically applied to the everyday work as a solicitor. In addition to sitting with a different department each day and being given real life legal work to undertake with constructive feedback, it was evident that the firm was somewhere I could see myself working. This is in terms of their reputation, commercial awareness, comradery, approachability and work ethic. It is one thing learning about the law in its practical applicability (which work experience is definitely greatly helpful for) but it is another thing altogether to feel like a jigsaw piece in an environment which the jigsaw’s painting is forward thinking, encouraging to the solicitors of the future and has like-minded people who always have their clients at the forefront of their mind with the aim of finding the best solutions going forward. If it is not clear already, I would thoroughly recommend applying for work experience at Spire Solicitors LLP! (Catherine Turner former Trainee Solicitor)

I had the opportunity to complete a work experience placement with Spire.  It was a great week where I learnt so much. Changing departments everyday meant that there were always new challenges and different skills to learn, as well as having the opportunity to meet new people. The scope of work was exciting, ranging from attending court, writing letters to solicitors and sitting in on client meetings. No two days were the same and I enjoyed being given responsibility, whilst always feeling supported and encouraged. I had an amazing week at Spire, it has such a welcoming atmosphere and I would encourage others to apply for work experience. (Sophie Hunter 2016 Vacation Placement Student)

I spent a week at Spire’s Norwich office, spending a day in the Social Housing and Dispute Resolution, Family, Private Client, Litigation and Commercial Property departments. I was given very practical and real work to do, including: reviewing contracts, licensing agreements and commercial leases, attending court, observing client interviews and conducting research. I worked with trainees, legal executives, solicitors, associates and partners; and all were incredibly friendly, supportive and generous with their time. I was kept busy at all times with interesting and technical work, and would thoroughly recommend applying for a vacation scheme at Spire Solicitors to anybody interested in a career at a leading and successful Norfolk law firm.  (Will Bond 2015 Vacation Placement Student)

During my week of experience with Spire I gained an invaluable insight into the work of a solicitor in various departments of civil law, from social housing and commercial property to business and probate law. I enjoyed all aspects of the work, enhanced by the pleasure of working with a friendly, sociable team. I had the opportunity to sit in court and hear a case regarding trusts, and I was also involved with client appointments. Furthermore I was able to read previous and current case work of the firm, freely ask questions and be challenged back. I particularly liked my experience in commercial property law because it was interesting to see how leases were formed and how cases were considered, having enjoyed studying Land Law at Degree level. My work experience with Spire has enhanced my motivation to become a solicitor in the civil law sphere having only had previous experience in criminal law. It has further inspired me to apply for a training contract with the firm due to being impressed by the reputation, work ethic, sociability and friendliness of the firm. I would like to thank Spire for such a pleasant and fulfilling week. (Rachel Stringer 2015 Vacation Placement Student)

I would strongly recommend that anyone considering following the path to becoming a solicitor applies for the work experience offered by Spire. Within just one week I gained practical and hands on experience in five different practice areas which has been really useful in steering my decision as to the type of Solicitor I eventually want to become. The variety of work that I was involved in included meeting clients, carrying out research, reading cases and attending court hearings. Everyone that I worked for was extremely friendly and welcoming but don’t expect to just be making the tea! (Hannah Lester 2015 Vacation Placement Student)

We are convinced that work experience is crucial for all undergraduates seeking to become solicitors.   As a result of the high demand for placements, our policy is to offer placements only to students at University level.

We cannot therefore accept an application from you if you are a school student interested in law. If and when you become a University student, we would of course welcome an application from you.

If you are currently studying at University and would like to apply for a Vacation placement with Spire Solicitors LLP, please send your CV (2 pages max) with covering letter to .