23 Jul

The burden of proof in employment discrimination cases

The UK’s Supreme Court has ruled that Royal Mail does not have to face claims that it racially discriminated against an employee who was repeatedly denied a promotion. The UK’s top court has said the burden was on the employee to prove his claim rather than Royal Mail to show that race and ethnicity played… Read More »

13 Jul

How can I get my home ready for a property valuation?

The Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have meant most of the population has been spending a lot more time at home. This is set to continue as many businesses are encouraging staff to work from home permanently. This extra time in the house and the additional space and requirements that many need to be able… Read More »

13 Jul

T and R (Refusal of Placement Order) [2021] EWCA Civ 71

(Court of Appeal (Civil Division), Floyd, Baker and Males LJJ, 28 January 2021) Public law children – Placement order – Approval for adoption not granted – Plan for long-term fostering – Appeal The appeal from a refusal to make placement orders in relation to the adoption of the two youngest siblings was dismissed. Neutral Citation… Read More »

02 Jul

Dealing with probate when someone dies without a will

Although many understand the importance of planning for their future, there are many occasions where a family member may die without a will. Dealing with probate when someone dies without a will When someone dies without having a valid will, it is called dying intestate. This means the estate will be determined by rules of… Read More »

01 Jul

What is a pre-action letter?

  A pre-action letter, sometimes known as a ‘letter before action’, or a ‘letter before claim’, is a formal letter notifying an individual or business that court proceedings may be brought against them. Why do I need to write a pre-action letter? The court expects the parties to have complied with the relevant pre-action protocol… Read More »

01 Jul

Stamp Duty Land Tax holiday deadline passes – what now?

The first Stamp Duty Land Tax holiday deadline has now passed. From 1 July 2021, we will see the holiday begin to taper off before ending completely on September 30 2021. The SDLT holiday was introduced due to the Covid-19 pandemic and was originally in place until March 2021. This was extended to the end… Read More »

29 Jun

Should I get a prenup? Protect yourself if your marriage breaks down

Are you looking to get married or enter into a civil partnership and have asked yourself ‘should I get a prenup?’ A prenup can help you and your partner make a formal arrangement before marriage to ensure your assets are protected. Life can be unpredictable and before committing to a legal relationship with your partner,… Read More »

28 Jun

What is a cohabitation agreement, and do I need one?

Have you ever asked yourself what would happen to your savings, home, and children if your relationship ended? An increasing number of couples are choosing to live together before marriage or choose to never have their relationship legally recognised (by marriage or a civil partnership). However, unmarried couples are not legally protected in the same… Read More »