18 Sep

New model Shared Ownership- Q&A’s for housing associations

The Government has recently announced that it is pressing ahead with New Model Shared Ownership.  The key changes are a lower initial equity share (10%), staircasing in 1% tranches, four weeks to nominate on resales and a 10 year repair cost grace period.  Lots of detail is still awaited, but what do we know so… Read More »

18 Sep

Right to Shared Ownership – Q&A for housing associations

The Government has recently announced that it is proceeding with the controversial Right to Shared Ownership scheme.  Initial guidance has been published, but this is sketchy in places and further detail is awaited.  From what we know now, what does this Right to Shared Ownership mean for housing associations? Read more here: Right to Shared… Read More »

16 Sep

Your T&C’s and Covid- areas to change

We’ve had a number of enquiries about how to approach any review of business terms of trading in the light of the return to work and what follows are our thoughts on some areas for commercial contract review on this basis. Before I start the overview, the other big item coming down the track of… Read More »

08 Sep

Your business and succession that works

Business owners of all types can often struggle with succession. This issue can be even more of a challenge in family owned businesses where, at the point when family members are thinking about disposing of their interest, it can be difficult to find a suitable purchaser. More and more, the issues of culture, identity, core… Read More »

04 Sep

Welcome back to the new…..

This update will focus on the issues behind welcoming staff back to the workplace. The starting point for this is the recent report, where only one-third (34%) of UK white-collar employees have gone back to work, lagging far behind their European counterparts, where almost three-quarters of staff (68%) have done so, according to analysis from… Read More »

26 Aug

Funding, future consumer protections and getting the right name first

This update will focus on: More SME funding for new technology, equipment and specialist advice; Some horizon scanning in terms of what exactly is the Omnibus Directive and how is it strengthening consumer rights; and In light of the number of new starts we have been advising on and questions around this, a quick recap… Read More »

19 Aug

Remember that Brexit thing?

Given the rapidly changing world, the many challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic fallout, it seems that despite Brexit happening on 31 January, there have been no immediate dire consequences for businesses. The fact remains though that as at 11pm on 31 January 2020, the UK was no longer an EU Member State… Read More »

18 Aug

Wills witnessed by video link to be made legal

Written by Ejike Ndaji, Partner at Spire Solicitors LLP Wymondham office. The government has announced that Wills witnessed remotely via video link will become legal in England and Wales from September 2020. The impact of Covid-19 on the legal system has been widespread and the use of video conferencing, using platforms such as Zoom or… Read More »

13 Aug

The Law on Organ Donation

Written by Sarah Hughes, Private Client Assistant at Spire Solicitors LLP Wymondham office.  The new law surrounding organ and tissue donation, which came into effect on 20th May 2020, provides that people will automatically be ‘opted in’ to the organ donation scheme. The implication is that if a person with full mental capacity, who is… Read More »