07 May

What can I do to minimise the risk of being gazumped?

With one-third of property transactions falling through, what can you do to minimise the risk of being gazumped? Gazumping occurs when a seller accepts a higher offer on their property after already agreeing verbally to a sale with someone else. This usually happens when property prices are increasing, and it is taking longer than usual… Read More »

07 May

Shareholders’ Agreements

At the start of a business relationship, it is tempting to think that you may not need a shareholders’ agreement. The possibility of disputes may seem remote, and you may think that disagreements can be easily resolved by negotiation and compromise. Over time, however, recollections can differ and relationships can change. Put very simply, if… Read More »

06 May

Both parents are to be included on marriage certificates

Marriage certificates in England and Wales will now include the names of both parents, rather than just the name of the father. The change comes as a new electronic system is brought in to modernise, simplify and speed up the process by which marriages are registered, helping to tackle a backlog that built up throughout… Read More »

22 Apr


Marks & Spencer’s (M&S) Colin the Caterpillar cake emerged from its cocoon and chrysalis in 1990 and has now become a staple product of the company. It was so popular with children and adults alike that M&S has since introduced sister products including Connie the Caterpillar and associated sweets and chocolate to excite the ever… Read More »

15 Apr


A guarantee is an undertaking given by one party (the guarantor) to another party, to pay the principal obligor’s debts, or to perform their obligations set out in the underlying contract or deed. Guarantees and personal guarantees are important commercial documents – they impose liability on a third party to a primary transaction (such as… Read More »

13 Apr

Resolving neighbour disputes

Everyone wants to feel safe and comfortable in their home, and a dispute with a neighbour can be deeply distressing. You may feel that your right to comfort and safety has been violated and you might not feel content in your own home. This is a particularly unpleasant feeling for anybody to have, and although… Read More »

08 Apr


You may be aware that the new IR35 regime came into force from 6 April 2021, bringing substantial new risks for staffing companies, consultancies and end hirers of Personal Service Companies (PSCs). The new rules reflect what has been the case in the public sector since 2017 and shift the burden of responsibility for determining… Read More »

08 Apr

Has lockdown had an impact on Divorce enquiries?

The first few months of 2021 have been spent in lockdown, causing couples and families to spend increased amounts of time together. This has, in many cases, acted as a catalyst for break-ups that may already have been on the cards, especially if previous separate routines had served to mask problems. Lawyers often talk about… Read More »