Covid-19 – Spire Solicitors LLP Update

As we prepare to start gradually opening our offices over the coming weeks, Sarah Hughes, Spire Solicitors LLP, comments on how we have been able to, as well as will be able to continue to service your legal needs across the region with an uninterrupted service.

We will be announcing office opening dates in due course.

How we have adapted

One thing the pandemic has taught us is how adaptable and resilient the human being can be and how we can evolve to make the best out of a unprecedented situation.  The government’s implementation and enforcing of rules and regulations for everyone to adhere to, in order to keep people safe from the virus, has had a huge impact on people’s lives and livelihoods.

In the legal world, Lawyers have had to update their working systems and processes in order to continue to provide efficient support to their clients with their ongoing matters.   For example, creative thinking in relation to Will signings have had to be applied in abiding by or adhering to the social distancing rules.  For instance, at Spire Solicitors in Wymondham, clients have met with Lawyers whilst sitting in their cars to sign their Wills or meeting in the street, two meters apart, whilst the Lawyer observes the Will signing from a distance.

In addition to Wills, important documents such as Lasting Powers of Attorney can also be attended to by Lawyers who are acting as certificate providers via video calls, using facilities such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Skype.  The use of video technology has also been applied to the signing of Statutory Declarations which customarily dictates that all parties involved formalise the document whilst in the presence of each other.

Get in touch

Throughout this pandemic Spire Solicitors LLP, which is one of the largest law firms in the region, continues to provide a positive experience and provide support to its clients during this crisis. The firm remains committed to enabling and assisting its clients throughout the course of the pandemic and into the new post-pandemic world, in which we will all find ourselves, where adaptation by businesses is key.   We have all the necessary tools in place to continue to service clients old and new and guarantee that business carries on as usual.