Cross-Border and International Planning

Globalisation has removed barriers to trade and movement which, in turn, has resulted in the fluid movement of individuals, their families, and assets across multiple jurisdictions. Some of our clients now hold interests in more than one jurisdiction, have migrated to the UK, have emigrated, or are considering emigration and as a result, we have accumulated a wealth of experience in cross-border estate planning.

Complications arise where assets and estates are spread across various jurisdictions not least because each jurisdiction has its own laws that are unique to it. It is therefore important that specialist legal advice is sought to ensure that one is aware of and conversant with laws that will apply to them and their estate where assets are situated in multiple jurisdictions.

Here at Spire Solicitors LLP, our lawyers have experience of assisting clients with tax planning and succession planning, as well as general advice and guidance in cross-border matters.

We appreciate the potential pitfalls and complications that may arise where assets are spread across multiple jurisdictions or where individuals wish to leave one jurisdiction for another. It is therefore important that clients receive bespoke advice that is comprehensive but clear, practical, and concise.

Spire Solicitors LLP advises on succession planning and provide guidance to clients with cross-border and multi-jurisdictional wealth and estates. We are able to assist with the following aspects of cross-border matters, encompassing estate administration as well as tax and succession planning:

  • Assessing an individual’s residency and domicile status.
  • Providing clear advice as to the succession of assets.
  • Liaising with professionals in various jurisdictions to arrange for the appropriate steps to be taken to administer assets.
  • Assessing the inheritance tax liability and application of Double Taxation Treaties where applicable.
  • Administering international estates.
  • Obtaining UK Grants of Probate on behalf of foreign-based clients.
  • Advising UK residents and expats with substantial wealth including assets in the UK and/or overseas.
  • Advice on and preparation of cross-border Wills.
  • Advising foreign nationals seeking advice on their domicile and tax residence status
  • Advising on the role of Executors overseas.
  • Identifying cross-border tax and succession traps.
  • Advising foreign clients on the application of the UK inheritance tax regime.
  • Preparing estate plans for British citizens living abroad and foreign citizens living in the UK.
  • Providing advice to settlors, beneficiaries, and Trustees both in the UK and abroad regarding trust and estate administration, including related cross-border tax and planning issues.
  • Advising foreign citizens on UK tax planning in preparation for short or long-term moves to the UK.
  • Working with lawyers in other countries to create tax and estate plans to minimize the risk of double taxation.

Spire Solicitors LLP’s highly regarded multidisciplinary team of Cross Border and International Planning solicitors works with clients across the country and the globe from our offices in Norwich, Wymondham, Dereham, Aylsham, Diss, Attleborough and Watton.

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