Data Protection and GDPR Compliance

On 25th May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) will come into force. This will be the largest change in data protection laws in over 20 years. It will ensure a more robust legal framework is in place to regulate how organisations collect and use personal data and it will give individuals more rights to take control of what subsequently happens to their data. It also brings the law up-to-date to reflect advances in technology and the numerous different forms in which data is captured about individuals in the digital age.

The new regulations will mean some important changes to the existing laws and organisations will need to take action to ensure they are complying with the new requirements when they come in. Failing to do so could expose the organisation to large fines and other sanctions, not to mention the reputational damage that may be caused.

We know that a change in law can be daunting and unsettling to an organisation. However, it does not need to be faced alone and there are advisors there to help you to the extent you require it. We at Spire are able to assist you and set out below are some of the ways in which we can do so:

* A no obligation call or meeting to discuss how the GDPR might impact your organisation.
* Review and update your contractual documents, policies and procedures.
* Work with you to create a compliance plan and to assess the key risks to your organisation.
* To provide training to you and your employees.

Download our overview guides on GDPR:

What do you need to do?
Why does it matter?