Defending Employment Tribunal Claims

Our highly regarded and pragmatic People Services solicitors pride themselves on helping you deal proactively with employment disputes before they reach an Employment Tribunal. However, if it does reach this stage, we have extensive knowledge and experience with providing commercial advice and representation throughout any claim brought against your business.

What Is an Employment Tribunal?

The Employment Tribunal is a specialist tribunal that hears claims from employees who believe their employer has treated them unlawfully. The most frequent disputes seen at an employment tribunal include discrimination claims, unfair dismissal claims, and concerns with redundancy payments.

Although an employment tribunal system is less formal than a court hearing, it still carries full legal force with evidence given under oath or affirmation.

From initial enquiries relating to the claim to the preparation for the tribunal, we will give you clear advice and inform you of the options available.

Why Do I Need a Specialist Solicitor?

The input of a specialist employment tribunal solicitor is invaluable as we will be able to establish which of the claimant’s requests for documentation may be rejected, which witnesses should be pursued, and whether there was a breach in the employee’s terms of employment.

It is also beneficial to have a legal professional during the hearing as we are familiar with the frequently changing UK employment law and the working methods and process of the employment tribunal allowing us to ensure the business case is presented clearly within the legal framework.

Where a claimant’s case is upheld, we will look to minimise the level of damages or identify where an appeal could be made.

We provide timely advice and with the least possible stress, disruption, and expense to your business.  For more information on fees please see our Employment Tribunal costs. 

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