First Registration of Land

All land and property ownership are subject to a registration system in England and Wales.

There are many benefits to registering your land and our friendly and efficient commercial property team will be happy to investigate whether your property is registered, and if not, assist in the application to do so.

The benefits of land registration include:

  • Security – if you remain unregistered, you will need to ensure your deeds are kept safe so that you can prove your title.
  • Title guarantee – a class of title guaranteed by the government
  • Fraud prevention – you can choose to be notified if someone tried to fraudulently register a mortgage against or transfer your property
  • Title Plan – providing clarity on boundaries
  • Deeds storage – you can request title deeds and documents from the Land Registry easily at minimum cost
  • Reduced Land Registry fee – a discounted fee for voluntary first registration applications

When registered, the Land Registry maintains a record of ownership changes, overages, mortgages, easements, and leases on your property.

Any unregistered property must be registered in the following circumstances:

  • Purchase of property
  • Property transfer through gift or inheritance
  • Property exchange
  • Leasehold property transfer
  • On the grant of a new leasehold
  • Creation of a first legal mortgage

Our experienced team will deal with any compulsory registrations that are a part of a matter that they are already instructed to act upon. They are also happy to explain the benefits of voluntarily registering your land and assist in making an application.

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