Debt Recovery fixed fee services

Are you owed money by a customer/client?

Why not use our fixed fee service to recover your money?

Approximately 50% of debtors pay up upon receipt of a pre-action letter from us. Approximately a further 20% pay up once Court proceedings have been issued and/or Judgment obtained.

Our fixed fees are as follows:-
Pre-action letter:-


For a debt worth:-


Up to £1,000


£1,001 – £5,000


£5,001 – £10,000






£50 + VAT


£60 + VAT


£70 + VAT

To issue Court proceedings £140 + VAT
To enter default Judgment £35 + VAT

This means that if the Court proceedings are not defended, we will obtain a default Judgment on your behalf for just £225 -£245 plus VAT plus the Court fee. The Court fee and a contribution towards legal fees are recoverable from the debtor. Our fixed fees cover all debts up to £10,000. Court fees are based on a sliding scale depending on the value of your debt and range between £35 for a debt of up to £300 and £500 for a £10,000 debt.

We will also advise you with regard to claiming interest on your debt and, in certain cases, compensation pursuant to the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 (as amended by the Late Payment of Commercial Debts Regulations 2013.)

If our pre-action letter provokes a response from the debtor, and we enter into negotiations/correspondence on your behalf, our fixed hourly charging rate of £150 plus VAT will apply. This rate will also apply to any defended Court proceedings.

If we obtain Judgment on your behalf and the debtor does not pay we can advise you on your enforcement options and the costs involved. We may be able to provide fixed fees for some types of enforcement.

Enforcement can include:-

  • Attachment of earnings
  • Charging Order against property
  • Instructing theCounty Court Bailiff/High CourtEnforcement Officer

This low cost, efficient service will be provided by our experienced Team who will be available to discuss your case with you. We believe in providing a personal service to you as we understand that every case is individual.

We have the knowledge, experience and efficiency to pursue high volumes of debts, without losing the “personal service”.

Debt Recovery Testimonials

Thank you again Linda Marshall. Linda proved to be an excellent listener. She took on board all the points I made and planned a course of action accordingly.
Mr McConnell, Wymondham