Legacy Contacts: Apple’s Feature Allowing Access to Digital Assets After Death

In an increasingly digital world, many of us frequently use our phones to save important digital assets, such as documents, photos and more. In the event of death, it can be difficult to recover this precious data. Apple now provides options for the deceased’s loved ones to request access to or to delete the data stored with an Apple ID.

Users of Apple devices running iOS 15.2 or later can now add a Legacy Contact to their Apple ID allowing them to give someone they trust access to the data stored in their Apple account after death.

A Legacy Contact can be anyone you wish, and you can designate more than one. It will allow your chosen person/s to file an access request after you pass away and all they will need is the access key that is generated when you chose them as your contact, and the death certificate.

What data will be accessible?

Legacy contacts will be able to access data such as photos, notes, files, messages, apps, and device back ups for a period of up to three years. Information such as films, books, subscriptions, music, passwords, and payment information will not be accessible.

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