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The main responsibility of an English Notary Public is to legally verify the execution of documentation to be used overseas in other jurisdictions. Notarisation means the act by a notary of certifying a signature or issuing a certificate verifying the authenticity of a document.

When notaries sign and seal documents, they verify the authenticity of the document itself and/or the facts stated in the documents. Notaries have a duty to anyone who may rely on the documents to be authenticated and must therefore be satisfied as to the accuracy of any facts or required information before certifying them. The simple witnessing of a signature is seldom all that is required when a document is to be notarised.  The Notary must verify the identity of the signatory by reference to their passport and of their address by inspection of their driving licence (or a bank statement, utility bill or similar document) and consider the contents of the document itself. He must make and retain copies of ID documents and of all documents notarised and to record each Notarial “Act” in his Journal. The time involved in complying with these formalities must be reflected in the costs of the service provided.

Only a fully registered and enrolled Notary Public can provide the necessary signature stamp and seal of authentication.

Spire Solicitors LLP has a Notary Public based at our Head Office at the Cathedral Close in Norwich. Due to the technical work involved, it will be essential for any client requiring a notary in Norfolk to contact the Notary directly to identify what they require and request an appointment. It will save time if copies of documents to be notarised and ID documents of the client are e mailed in advance.

Our notary can assist both private clients and businesses: –

For private clients, our notarial services include authenticating, certifying, and witnessing documents such as powers of attorney; oaths and affidavits; birth, death, marriage and divorce certificates, passport applications and academic qualifications.

We also offer notarial services for businesses, including authenticating company documents, powers of attorney, transaction documents and statutory records.

*Please note, our notary can usually only be seen at our Norwich office, but he may (where necessary and by special arrangement) travel to our branch offices or even to client’s offices or homes. If you require notarial services, please contact our Notary Public Jonathan Chadd on 07919 333606 or email