Suzanne Tinder

Operations Manager

Suzanne Tinder is the Operations Manager at Spire Solicitors.

Suzanne started her career at Spire in the Litigation department as a Litigation Executive before moving over to assisting clients with a range of matters such as changing of names and benefit entitlements. Suzanne then moved over to the running of the office and now looks after Health & Safety as well as the premises, library, printers, phone system, to name a few.

In her spare time, Suzanne enjoys exploring her family history. Starting prior to the invention of WWW, using the resources from the Latter Day Saints, she has travelled extensively in the USA, including Salt Lake City, the headquarters for LDS. She has found that her heritage is Scottish so far and that they left Scotland after the battle of Culloden in the 1700’s. She hopes to continue to trace further back with modern technology allowing for the translation of Celtic language from Scotland records.

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