Sale & Purchase of Rural Land

Whether you are looking to sell or buy rural land, our friendly and highly experienced agriculture and estates solicitors are on hand to help. We can assist you with all aspects of agricultural property ownership and tenancies, including advising on the ancillary matters that come with an agricultural transaction.

We are proud to work closely with farmers, conducting farm visits allowing us to fully understand your business so we can offer you a specialist and personal service

Purchase of Rural Land

Buying agricultural property involves important and complex issues that you would not need to consider when buying non-agricultural properties. We always ensure that standard property matters such as rights of way and the planning history are considered but also take steps to ensure that specific agricultural issues are addressed. This ensures you know exactly what you are buying, and you have peace of mind that all risks are managed and minimised.

Our specialist and highly knowledgeable team can identify, report on and deal with matters including:

  • The legal title including dealing with both registered and unregistered land;
  • Issues arising from your searches and pre-contract enquiries;
  • Public and private rights of way and general access to the land;
  • Payments under the Basic Payment Scheme and other Environmental Schemes;
  • Existing agricultural tenancies and other occupation agreements; and
  • Agricultural occupancy conditions and planning issues such as the use of the Property and whether the property has the necessary planning permissions.

Sale of Rural Land

Selling agricultural property and land can often be a long and complex process. Our experienced team of agricultural solicitors will work closely with you to ensure that the transaction advances as quickly and efficiently as possible.

If you are thinking about selling your land, farm, or estate, it is advised to involve a solicitor as soon as possible. This allows us to identify any hidden issues that may cause delays as early as possible. This could include:

  • Any existing tenancies or other occupants of the land;
  • Any issues relating to your title to the land such as sporting rights, access to the property or potential covenant problems;
  • Assisting you with completing the pre-contract enquiries;
  • Whether any entitlements under the Basic Payment Scheme are to be transferred to the buyer or benefits under any other Environmental Scheme or Countryside Stewardship Scheme; and
  • Whether all planning documents are available

Should you be looking to sell with the benefit of an overage or ‘clawback’ provision or your seller is imposing one on your purchase, our team can prepare the agreement or advise on the terms.

Our highly regarded and friendly agriculture and estates team will guide you through the buying or sale process, providing expert advice at every stage to ensure a quick, efficient, and smooth transaction. They offer a comprehensive service, working closely with the Corporate & Commercial and Commercial Property team.

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