Separation Agreement Solicitors

If you and your partner have decided to separate, a separation agreement can help when dividing your finances and determining how you will live apart.

Many couples have shared assets that will need to be divided, or many want to protect their personal ones. While this can be a difficult and complicated process, our specialist solicitors have vast knowledge and experience with assisting couples split up shared assets, resolve disputes and ensure a fair outcome for all parties.

A separation agreement will usually contain:

  • How shared assets will be divided, this can include property and business interests
  • How shared debts will be split
  • Who is responsible for different debts and other ongoing financial obligations
  • Where each party will live
  • Whether there will be ongoing maintenance payments
  • Where children will live, when and who will have access and financial responsibilities of both parties

There are many reasons why a couple may choose to separate instead of divorce or dissolve a civil partnership. They may simply not be ready for a divorce or not have been married long enough. Whatever your circumstances, our friendly and helpful team will offer a personal and sensitive service to ensure your best interest are protected.

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