Civil Partnership Dissolution

Our highly knowledgeable and friendly civil partnership dissolution solicitors can assist and support couples who are looking to begin dissolution proceedings. A dissolution formally brings a civil partnership to an end, leaving both partners free to re-marry or enter into another civil partnership if they wish.

We understand that the breakdown of a relationship can be one of the most emotional events in a person’s life and so our team of understanding and experienced dissolution solicitors will be on hand throughout the process.

Our civil partnership dissolution solicitors are accredited by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and Resolution as providers of specialist advice and guidance that best suits each couples’ individual needs.

What Is a Civil Partnership?

A civil partnership is a legally recognised union between two people of the same sex. Those who enter into a civil partnership have the same rights as those who are married.

How Can a Civil Partnership Be Dissolved?

A civil partnership can be ended by dissolution. Once a dissolution order has been granted by the court, the civil partnership has formally ended and each partner can go on to marry or enter into another civil partnership.

From April 2022, the new law on no-fault divorce and dissolution in the UK will bring long-awaited reforms allowing separating couples to no longer have to rely on proving one of four acceptable reasons for the grounds of dissolution. Find out more here.

Currently, there is only one ground for dissolution in England and Wales and this is that your civil partnership has been irretrievably broken. The person applying for the dissolution must choose one of four reasons to prove why the relationship has broken down. These are:

  1. Unreasonable behaviour
  2. Your partner has deserted you for at least two years
  3. Two years separation, and you both agree to the dissolution
  4. Five years separation, with no need for your partner to agree to the dissolution

How Long Does It Take To Dissolve a Civil Partnership?

As all relationship breakdowns are different, the time it takes to dissolve a civil partnership can differ. However, as a guide, a straightforward and uncontested dissolution typically takes between four to six months. If the dissolution is contested or an agreement cannot be reached, the process can take up to 12 months, or in some cases even longer.

To speed up the process, always ensure that you respond with any court documents or communications promptly.

Can We Get the Civil Partnership Annulled?

For a civil partnership to be legal, it must meet certain conditions. If it does not, the court can end the partnership by granting an annulment. This will mean that your civil partnership is either void, meaning it never existed, or voidable, meaning it was legal at the time it was registered but is not now.

If you wish to apply for an annulment, you will need to do this within three years of registering your civil partnership. However, there are some exceptions.

As members of Resolution, our solicitors are committed to resolving disputes in a non-confrontational and constructive way. This means our members are highly experienced in dealing with dissolution disputes and advising on the best course of actions for yourselves both financially and emotionally.

Divorce, dissolution, and separation is an extremely upsetting and distressing time and can be a very complicated process. Here at Spire Solicitors LLP we have a dedicated specialist team, who are able to provide you with support and advice initially through a fixed fee interview.

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