14 Mar

Pre and Post Nups look set to be binding in future

Pre and post nuptial agreements are likely to be given binding status, in a move that’s intended to give couples a more predictable outcome on divorce. The Law Commission’s report, Matrimonial Property Needs and Agreements, proposes that the agreements be enforceable as contracts, but only after both partners’ financial needs, and any financial responsibilities towards… Read More »

11 Mar

To all parents – Do you know what Parental Responsibility is?

Do you know what Parental Responsibility is? If you have children it would be remiss of you not to because it entails all the rights, duties, obligations and responsibilities that you have or may have in respect of your children. The first thing to know is that the culture of family life (and law) has… Read More »

10 Mar

Same sex parenting: Contact ordered to Father (High Court)

In SAB (A child), the High Court ordered a 20 month old child (SAB) who resides with his mother (M) and her civil partner (C), to have contact with his father (F). M and C asserted that F was a “sperm donor” who had agreed, before SAB was conceived, to have no involvement in SAB’s… Read More »

08 Mar

Private members’ bill to reform financial provision on divorce

Baroness Deech introduced a Private Members’ Bill, the Divorce (Financial Provision) Bill 2013-14, to reform financial provision on divorce. The Bill includes the following proposals: · Repeal of section 25 of the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973. · Binding nuptial agreements, subject to statutory safeguards, including that parties receive their own legal advice and give full… Read More »

07 Mar

Variation of capitalised spousal maintenance (Court of appeal)

The Court of Appeal allowed the wife’s (W) appeal about the staging of an order capitalising her periodical payments of £25,000 per annum at £300,000. The husband (H) had been ordered to pay three instalments between December 2012 and December 2014 on receipt of monies from the sale of a business. Permission to appeal is… Read More »

04 Mar

Buying property jointly with someone else

Some more conveyancing tips from our team: Q. I am buying a property with my girlfriend and both of our names will be on the mortgage. What do I need to consider when buying with someone else. A. Whenever people buy a property jointly with someone else a trust of land is created and it… Read More »

28 Feb

Dealing with absences from work

From time to time, an employee will find themselves off work due to a long-term illness. At some point both they and the employer will be looking to arrange a return. There may at that time be all manner of practical problems in facilitating a return. The question often asked is how far must an… Read More »