08 Jul

How to value your IP- Part 2

Following on from the previous update on valuing your Intellectual Property (IP), this update focuses on the more operational side of how to protect IP. As we said in part 1, integral to all the different forms of IP, is ownership. In every case it is important to establish the owner of the ‘rights’, be… Read More »

30 Jun

How to value your IP – part 1

Time and performance pressures on business owners can be unremitting at times, but perhaps for many, never so hard as now. When business owners/managers have got through with dealing with regulation and compliance, sorting HR issues, monitoring competitors, controlling expenses, and dealing with supply and manufacturing issues, it doesn’t leave much time to consider what… Read More »

28 Jun

Removal of safeguards for children in care – judicial review given go ahead

Article 39 children’s rights charity has been granted permission for a judicial review of the Department for Education’s removal and dilution of children’s legal protections pushed through overnight in April, under the guise of COVID-19. Given the seriousness of the legal changes, and the vulnerability of the affected children, Article 39 asked the court for… Read More »

24 Jun

Why make a Will?

For some, the importance of making a Will can be overlooked, only thought about in the event of an upcoming holiday or ill health. Many have good intentions of making their Will but put it off in the midst of other distractions. There are a number of reasons why making a Will is so important…. Read More »

23 Jun

Virtual Business Home Working and the High Street

With an eye on our last update about the necessities of the virtual shop window for your business, this week’s update catches up with the Office for National Statistics view on the changing social picture as the high street starts to wake up, home working and a couple of factors to bear in mind to… Read More »

19 Jun

Living together without a Will

Many couples are now choosing to live together before they get married, or are choosing to not get married at all. It is currently the fastest growing family type in the UK, with 3.5 million cohabiting couples recorded in 2019. However, even with this increase, cohabiting unmarried couples do not have the same legal protection… Read More »

18 Jun

No-fault divorce to start in autumn 2021

Couples seeking a no-fault divorce will have to wait until autumn 2021 even though proposed legislation removing fault from the divorce process has reached the finishing line of its parliamentary journey. The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill concluded its passage through the House of Commons yesterday. It will return to the House of Lords to… Read More »

16 Jun

Virtual Visibility

COVID-19 is first and foremost a tragedy and is impacting people on a deeply human level.  For many of us, it has also changed our priorities around what’s important, while others face ongoing financial uncertainty. Just like the year 2020 is proving to be, the global recovery from lockdown measures is difficult to accurately predict…. Read More »